Friday, May 27, 2011

DNR and a roller coaster ride

Today has been an amazingly up and down day and I am just worn out and tired of it.

UP! We got a nice fat discount on the service for my car! Nice people too.

DOWN! Big G comes home for lunch and says, “My car’s been having issues…”

UP! Big G is in a good mood and hubby is home and so am I.

DOWN! Big G’s car now enters the Do Not Resuscitate time of car life. Big ole DNR. It’s misfiring in one cylinder and fixing the issue properly would cost more than the car is worth, more than twice what we paid for it.

UP! Big G says at least the city where she will be going to college has a good bus system. She is trying to hard not to add to our stress.

DOWN! Have I just added to her stress by telling her more information than I should, or am I preparing her for real life? Ugh.

UP! She and I run an errand together and I so enjoy her company.

DOWN! We didn’t get potatoes. The recipe for tonight calls for potatoes (how I missed that, I have no clue…)

Final UP is that pizza was 50% off and I split the difference by giving the driver a good tip. And so it goes. We will figure things out, and it will be okay, but I’ve had enough of this roller coaster ride.

I’m not writing this as a giant whine (although it may come out that way and I apologize…feel free to leave comments). Little things just push and pull a person more when there are big things going on at the same time. New car needed? With our budget, that becomes a big thing. No potatoes and you’ve already run to the store? Small thing of course but still it pulls at you because you’re already off balance. When there are big issues at stake, sometimes you have to decide what to deal with now (and get pizza) and what needs some time to sink in and be dealt with later.

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