Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day Off-- DWIFL

Today, I chose to take the day off.

Oh, sure, I went and helped at the library like every Monday.  But I was about 2 hours or more later than usual, and I took my time.

It's just Little G and me right now, so we slept in.  We had a late lunch/breakfast.  We watched some garbage on TV.  My Mom calls these "DWIFL-- do what I feel like" days.


Then we went to the mall for a little while, Little G bought a couple of things for herself, and we had dinner.  (The Pepsi machine ate my quarter but I got it back.)

A few cookies for dessert, some more garbage on TV, and the day is done.

It's been a good day.  I highly recommend a day off now and then.

Not Quite This Lazy, At Least

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Ten-- Thankful

A bunch of people are posting ten things they are thankful for right now, even the simplest of things, and I love it.

1. Health. Mine and that of my loved ones.

2. Great friends. Whether it's a surprise gift, a party invite, a shared giggle over a ridiculous song, or some other lovely intangible, I give thanks every day for you.

3. Warm cats in my lap.

4. Emails

5. Tucking in a child. I get more from it than she does.

6. Job interviews-- even if I can't take the job. You liked me enough to ask.

7. Food in the fridge, gas in the car, and a warm sweater on my back.

8. Even if the warmth is very weird, it makes my electric bill nice and low.

9. My family; by birth, by marriage, by choice.

10. The wisdom to know when I am well and truly blessed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Ten

I have a friend (and fellow blogger-- check her out HERE -- who says that Murphy must actually be a woman, because no man has ever given her as much grief as this B----.

So, I'll call the "lady" Murphina, just like my friend does.

Listen up, Murphina.  Listen good.

1.  Look, no pets this time, okay?  Both deployments, I had to take a sweet old girl to the vet and say goodbye.  Both deployments, my heart broke.

2.  You can leave my kids alone too.  Sure, one is pretty independent.  But she's miles and miles from home and I miss her and can't just go and help her.  So leave her alone.

3.  That means the little one, too.  First day he's gone on this thing and you send her home in tears because some little miscreant is bullying her?  Uh-uh.  No way.

4.  I know your tricks.  I know when he leaves, you like to play with the car and the plumbing and all of that.  Stop it.

5.  For my part, I'm going to the gym.  I'll either do it at home (yay, Wii!) or I'll find out that the circuit gym really does give a deployment discount.

6.  In case you can't read between the lines, that means leave me alone.

7. Stay the heck away from my husband, too.

8.  And our parents.  Oh for all that is holy...Murphina, keep your nasty little trouble-making hands off our parents.  Yes, stuff happens.  Wait til he's home and we can deal with it together.

9.  Or better yet, go away,  Shrivel up.

10. Remember...I'm watching you, Murphina.  And I am stronger than you could ever be.

[11.  Please don't take this as a dare.  :)  ]

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This morning I was thinking about the normal pre-field, pre-deployment rituals.  The known ones (getting orders, packing bags), and the lesser-known.

  • The Pre-leaving Head Shave.  Since I do My G's hair, this is a big one for me.  It's a tighter, shorter haircut than usual, and honestly reminds me of when he came home from Basic and we first met. 
  • The Packing. While watching him pack is painful, it also brings to mind happy memories.  When Big G was very little, he would have her stand in or jump in the top of the duffel bag to make sure he could get the top closed.  She would always help him pack.  
  • The Silence. Before leaving, every Soldier has his way of turning the focus to work.  I know his mind is elsewhere, on packing lists and details and the Army.  I'm sure I'm not the only one to say I hate it.  
  • The Irritation.  The days preceding the mission are among the hardest to take, as both sides of the couple find themselves a little more tense, a little more inclined to argue. Normal...still sucks.
  • The Big Clean.  I don't know if mine is the only one who does this, but My G always puts things away and organizes his stuff before leaving.  All clothes cleaned, closet cleaned up, office things organized.  I deeply appreciate that he does this, but the ritual itself makes me a little sad.
  • The Last FRG Meeting.  In our case, because it's a nontraditional "away," the last one was also the first and only.  But there is still a certain "Rah, Team!" and bravery to the smiles.  It builds us up, helps us all touch base, and as one of the leaders said, it helps us have a face for that name when we are calling.  
What are your family's rituals?  How do you cope?  Let me know in comments.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Ten

1. Mother of the Year I'm not.  Wife of the Year, probably not that either.  But we laughed a lot tonight, and that counts for something.

2. I'm not sneezing/snorting/hacking like some people are with the cedar pollen so high, but my head is about to explode.  Allergy pills would work for the sneezing.  They do nothing for the head.  Sigh.

3. We're getting closer and closer to the next deployment.  I had forgotten how yucky the nerves can be, even though I tell a lot of spouses what to expect.

4.  I really need to find the list of "rules" that another Army spouse wrote; they are amazing.

5.  Battle buddies rock.  :)  Who else reminds you that "good enough" is sometimes pretty awesome?

6.  I know another Army wife who is going to help me figure out the gym this year, and actually get an exercise routine and good-food habit going.   (Right, Kat?)

7.  My G got several shots today.  The usual painful ones.  I forgot, and poked him in the shoulder.  Hard. Wife of the Year.

8.  Meanwhile, Little G is asking me to take her to the America's Got Talent auditions.  I think I must be almost sounds like fun.

9.  Almost.

10.  In the meantime, tomorrow is another day.  And I am thankful to be blessed by it.