Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Ten-- Thankful

A bunch of people are posting ten things they are thankful for right now, even the simplest of things, and I love it.

1. Health. Mine and that of my loved ones.

2. Great friends. Whether it's a surprise gift, a party invite, a shared giggle over a ridiculous song, or some other lovely intangible, I give thanks every day for you.

3. Warm cats in my lap.

4. Emails

5. Tucking in a child. I get more from it than she does.

6. Job interviews-- even if I can't take the job. You liked me enough to ask.

7. Food in the fridge, gas in the car, and a warm sweater on my back.

8. Even if the warmth is very weird, it makes my electric bill nice and low.

9. My family; by birth, by marriage, by choice.

10. The wisdom to know when I am well and truly blessed.


  1. Showing some bloggy love from "Punch in the Throat"...I'm a military spouse as well and hope that your transition out is a smooth one. I love your Tuesday Ten!!

    1. Thanks! I found your blog today, too, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm now following you...gee, that sounds stalky. :)

  2. Ok, love you. I have the utmost respect for anybody serving our country and the people who support them. Stay strong, I look forward to reading more. And I am following you now too, call me stalky if you will ;)