Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Ten

1. Mother of the Year I'm not.  Wife of the Year, probably not that either.  But we laughed a lot tonight, and that counts for something.

2. I'm not sneezing/snorting/hacking like some people are with the cedar pollen so high, but my head is about to explode.  Allergy pills would work for the sneezing.  They do nothing for the head.  Sigh.

3. We're getting closer and closer to the next deployment.  I had forgotten how yucky the nerves can be, even though I tell a lot of spouses what to expect.

4.  I really need to find the list of "rules" that another Army spouse wrote; they are amazing.

5.  Battle buddies rock.  :)  Who else reminds you that "good enough" is sometimes pretty awesome?

6.  I know another Army wife who is going to help me figure out the gym this year, and actually get an exercise routine and good-food habit going.   (Right, Kat?)

7.  My G got several shots today.  The usual painful ones.  I forgot, and poked him in the shoulder.  Hard.  Nope...no Wife of the Year.

8.  Meanwhile, Little G is asking me to take her to the America's Got Talent auditions.  I think I must be nuts...it almost sounds like fun.

9.  Almost.

10.  In the meantime, tomorrow is another day.  And I am thankful to be blessed by it.

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