Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 has been a pretty big year.

My G has been in school.

My big G graduated high school.

She started college.

Three of my battle buddies welcomed their Soldiers home.  (I even got to be there for one of the homecomings.)

I decided to quit a job that was beginning to cost way more than I was willing to pay.

I started selling Avon.  :)

My little G started middle school.

Dear friends of mine have battled horrendous illness.  There is both celebration and grief in writing that.

Even those things that seemed so hard at the outset, have brought strength, resilience, humor and love into my life.  It's not a bad way to remember a year.  Even as my heart is sore, I feel bolstered by the love of friends.

2012 will be an election year, a leap year, and a deployment year.

Two of those, I think are pretty cool.

This is what I pray for, as we close out 2011 and start anew--

For peace, always.

For friends who are struggling with jobs, with health, with their marriages or their children.

For more bright days than dark.

For more laughter than tears.

For us to see the rainbow, even as the clouds roll in.

For our elected officials to have wisdom, strength...  For our votes in November to really count.

For my G's safety.  Always.

Thank you, God, that I get to welcome in another year.

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