Sunday, August 5, 2012


My emotions are still kind of a jumble, several days later.  I may change the wording or meter of this one, but I think a lot of Army (or other service) wives who have been through a deployment or even some lengthy field times can identify with this.


It’s not just the gear that gets unpacked
From suitcases, boxes, duffels and rucks.
Not just helmets, uniforms, boots and supplies,
Nor dust-covered whatsits, doodads or "huh?"s.

Months of emotion, kept bottled inside
Released and freeflowing, examined and cleared.
Tears and laughter, solace and fear
A stew of sensations, a muddle of thoughts.

Pride and relief we see joyously poured,
Melancholy and angst unrepressed.
Excitement, fervor, desire’s no surprise,
Loneliness, aching, grief must vent too.

Just as our living room/office/garage jumble up,
And stuff’s sorted, turned in, salvaged or stored—
Victories, losses, successes and blows
Tallied, remembered, celebrated, grieved...

We must remember there is more to deployments than dust.

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