Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New City

We took a small detour on our college orientation trip, to visit a place we may some day call home. Glenn has been to this city for work many (many) times, so he proudly showed me the places he knew and invited me on his exploratory search of the places he’d never had time to visit.

Growing up, this self-same city was the one we thought of whenever it got hot—“Well, at least we don’t live THERE.” And now I, who hate the heat, am considering making this place my home.
So what did I learn?

• Dry heat feels very good to the bones, especially the stressed bones of a woman with much on her mind and in her heart.

• I can handle the heat better than I thought.

• Mexican food tastes best when the restaurant makes it from scratch, and I will never “settle” again.

• Food tastes best when shared with someone you love. 

Even cities you thought you knew, can surprise you. Who new “that city” had a huge agricultural base?

I am, at heart, an optimist. Yes, even now. And I was thrilled to rediscover that fact.

So, who knows… Big G’s future isn’t the only one that is wide open. And I can write anywhere.

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  1. well, it's not Tucson, but it's a far sight closer than Fort Hood! <3