Friday, February 21, 2014

On a Day Such As This

Some days begin with a soft kitty snuggle, a hot shower, and a slow awakening to embrace them.

This was not that day.

Some days, everyone pitches in and is where we need them to be and helps without asking.

This was not that day, either, exactly.

Some days, there are moments to sit and breathe or at least drink some water.


And I realize, quite fully, that it wasn't that day for many people around me.  Mine was not the only back to ache, mine was not the only head to be spinning, and mine were most certainly not the only nerves to feel totally frazzled by the end of the school day.

So what do I do?

After a day such as this, when my heart feels empty and a little bruised, I begin a list.  I am, as I'm sure you've seen, a list maker.

Things That Went Right!

  • A coworker offered to watch my duty station so I could get some of the delicious lunch that was provided to the school today, before it all disappeared.
  • Another coworker totally understood what I meant when I told her I was fighting off a bad mood yesterday.  Today she asked me if it was gone, and had such a grin when I told her yes, mostly.  
  • I did, in the end, get that full lunchtime break.  Such quiet heaven.
  • The majority of the people I came in contact with were patient, smiling, and understanding.
  • No one threw up in the office, despite the strange stomach bug going around.
  • Another coworker came up to help with phones and with parents during the busiest time of the day.  She did so with humor and grace.
  • Little G shared her week with me, and her rocky day as well.
  • And I got to help my Big G, something that doesn't happen as often any more.
  • The cats are healthy.
  • I have a fun evening planned with friends.
  • The weather is STUNNING.
  • We have one daffodil and one confused yellow iris growing already.

  • I had chocolate.   :)

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