Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday's Ten: Things I See Differently

I actually look forward to pulling out the garbage can.

There are a lot of things that are "givens" about any time our Soldier is "away". Something will break, someone will get sick, on and on. But there are a few things that I hold onto, that give me a little bit of pleasure, when he's gone.

1. Trash Day. Since I measure extra-long "away" by the number of trash days, every time I'm out at the curb it gives me a little bit of joy.

2. Counter space. This was a real issue in previous homes, where there was precious little real estate in the bathroom. In our current home, we have double sinks. When he's away? I use 'em both.

3. Shaving in the winter. Why bother?

4. Pillows. I have LOTS of them, all over the bed. Granted, the reason I do this is so I don't stretch out across the bed at an angle that is guaranteed to kill my back, but...

5. Dinnertime. Especially with just me and Little G, dinner time is really, really simple. Meal planning? I might get a handle on it in a few months.

6. Mail time! Sometimes there is a card or a note or a simple "hello". I LOVE getting mail but during long "aways" this is extra special.

7. Hugs. Growing up, I was never that physically demonstrative with people, especially those I didn't know very well. Family, sure - but friends? People I had just met? The Army has made me a hugger. Not only does it help me when My G is away, to have that human touch, but I have noticed it helps other people.

8. Technology. I have always liked new technology. I don't necessarily need to know how something works, but I will learn how to use it when it is available to me. And when My G is gone, I enjoy how technology makes so many things easier than any previous military generation has ever had it.

9. Church. As Pastor Franks would say, "Glory!!"

10. The simple things. Stuff that works the way it should, medicine that makes us feel better, a kind word, a bright sunshiny day, the buds on the trees or the first little stabs of green coming (too soon) through the mulch. When something big is difficult, the small things become so much more important.

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