Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Question Friday -- My Independent Friend

My friend Kelly M. is pretty amazing, too. A former Soldier herself, she had a pretty good idea of what she was getting into.

During the time I've known her, Kelly has gone from being kind of quiet and not that involved in Family Readiness activities, to being VERY involved and helping Soldiers and Families alike. This last year she has started selling Avon and grown her business quite nicely.

As her husband's unit is coming home, it's only fair to say "job well done, Kelly."

Here are the Five Questions again.

1. What are five things you know now about military life that you wish someone had told you?

2. What is the most important thing you'd like to tell new spouses?

3. What do you love the most?

4. What do you find the hardest?

5. Tell me a story that sums up military life for you.

1. Tere really wasn't anything that I needed to know that I didn't already, but then again I have always been pretty independent. I had to raise kids as a single parent before. I was in the Army for a lil bit and my ex husband was in the Army. Everything was what I thought it would be.

2. You don't get a choice where you live, the Army's schedule comes first, and you have to be able to be independent cause when they are gone they can't help you. There is a thing called the FRG-- they are there to help you and give you info. There is free counseling and never be ashamed to ask for help.

3. The great people we meet, the pay is better then what he would make at home, the medical benefits because you can't get them that good anywhere else, the places you get to see, the extended family as I call it that you get in Army wives and soldiers.

4. Being alone a lot. Well not so much as alone but he is not there to tell you he loves you or to touch you or cuddle. You're cut off from things that every human needs, affection, physical contact, stuff like that. Also these are hard: work coming first most times, the late work nights, him not being around much for the kids which it hurts me just as much as him cause I am the one that gets to watch them be upset over it.

5. The good, the bad , and the wtf and omg, lol. Too hard to sum army life up. It's always changing. Army life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get lmao.

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