Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Ten: Ending with Laughter

1. I started this morning editing Glenn's paper for school. I have found it nearly impossible to concentrate on this if anything else is going on.  Makes it hard to do this.

2.  Also makes it hard to do editing, too.  And that one is a paid job!  At least I'm 2/3 of the way through that piece.

3.  Chocolate makes most everything better.  Especially when shared with a friend.

4.  Lunch can be really delicious when we stick to the basics-- PB, banana, and chips.  :)

5.  I am a craft store addict.  But who could resist those little inks?  Or stamps?  Or an idea book?

6.  My name is Casey and I'm a craft store addict.  Sigh.

7.  Texas can be beautiful in the fall.  Breezy, not windy, cool(ish), bright sun.  Ahhhh.

8.  I hate it when my little G comes home from school and has had a disagreement with friends.  I hope I can help her with it.

9.  Have you seen the Subaru commercial where the dad is talking to a little bitty girl who is sitting in the drivers' seat?  And when he gets up, the girl is a teenage driver?  That commercial makes me cry every single time.  It really is like that.

10.  Ending the day with watching "Monsters Inc" is just about perfect.  Especially sharing it with hubby.  And loving our own "Boo".

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