Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's Ten: Things That Amuse Me

Today has been a really, truly good day.  Sure it was WINDY, but I have smiled so much today that it feels like my face may just freeze like this.

So, what tickles me today?

1.  It was interesting going to a house party where there were so many little bitties (kiddos around and under age 2).  It's been a long time since Little G was that little, and even my work in the MOPS nursery happened a long time ago.  How can such little bodies hold so much energy?

2.  The fact that my degree is a b.s. still makes me smile, 12 years after completing it.

3.  The expression on my cats' faces when they know they've screwed up, yet are unwilling to admit that running full tilt on tile with furry feet is not too smart.

4.  The fact that we can now submit cash (paper money) straight into an ATM for deposit.  How cool is THAT?

5.  My older daughter and my brother share an interest in Japanese.

6.  My younger daughter's fish is named "Peeve".

7.  Little G's tooth came out today, and she had no idea it was even loose.  The bracket and wire from her braces, however, kept it in her mouth.  Swing, swing.  Gross, yet hilarious because SHE thought it was.  :)  She said she was glad her choir teacher didn't think she had gum in her mouth.

8.  My G to Little G (joking):  Looks like you're failing your etiquette class.  Little G: It's   a good thing I don't have any, then!  My G: What?  Etiquette, or class?    (I have permission from both of them to publish this zinger.)

9.  There are people who won't get why it's funny that her fish is named Peeve.   :)

10.  I love a day when I get to text people I love.  Or call them.  Or email... Or, for some, just tell them right here-- thank you.  I appreciate that you've read this far, that you took your time for my ramblings.  Let me know in comments if you stop in.  :)  There are so many ways to reach out.  It amuses me because I'm a communicator and the fact that there are so many choices makes me smile, every time.

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