Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Spice

Scents can take you back again.
I’ve heard it said,
I know it’s true.
I’m walking along in my own little world
Then suddenly I’m back again with you.

There is the sweet shampoo my best friend used,
And I hear her voice and see her smile.
The joy, the passion, so sure was she
Where she was going,
Where she would be.

Then citrus, spice and something else
I don’t remember what, but I remember who.
The boy you were, the friend I needed,
The scent recalls uncertainty, humor, shyness and smarts.

Then a brief little tease of mint, of sage
Almost clinically clean
And I feel my Grandpa’s hands in mine,
They’re soft and smooth and worn from years
Of working, working…yet so gentle to me.

Baby powder, chalk dust, gym sweat – they all
Bring me back to myself, the younger me.
And I’m with you, and I’m with them.
Our potential unrealized,
Or our histories yet unshared.
And I smile, just a little, at the stranger sitting there
Who wore that perfume
Or uses that shampoo.
And is wondering why I love them so, this day.

                                                                                    February 6, 2012
                                                                                    Casey Fogle

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