Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Ten-- Things Worth Being Busy Doing

One of my favorite bloggers wrote this about people being busy doing (what seems like) a whole lot of nothing.

A Facebook friend commented that he wished she had mentioned "what is actually important to be busy doing".

Good idea.

So for Tuesday, I give you ten things that would be worth saying "I'm so busy".  Well, worth it to me.  :)

1.  I spent 45 minutes on Facebook chat with  my husband.   

2.  I made four deliveries to Avon customers, and got to see their smiles.  (And get paid, which is no small thing.)  

3.  I spent an hour talking with my younger daughter about racism and fairness and the way things are, the way things used to be, and the way things could be.

4.  I spent an hour reading a book.

5.  I then spent quite a bit of time cleaning out the office and making it ready for tax season and bill-paying.  The poor shredder may never forgive me.

6.  I murdered some weeds, making our home look like someone cares about it.

7.  I fed, cleaned up after, and petted my cats.

8.  I bought a slightly used, awesome steal, little microwave for my older daughter.  I'm beginning to think of her collection of items as "apartment in a box".

9.  I gathered small gifts for care packages, and this week I will be making post office runs.

10.  Not that I usually put this last, nor is it always first, but I prayed.  For my husband, my children, my friends, my family, my home and for anything else that popped into my mind.  

May I always have time to fill, and the wisdom to know how to fill it.

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  1. It's that wisdom to know how to fill it... I worry about with me. Awesome, C!