Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Ten - When to Ask For Help

1. Yes, I did open my orange Crush with a wrench. I nearly asked a neighbor, but I decided I didn't want the soda that much. Plus I thought they might laugh at me but, seriously, the darn thing was stuck tight.

2. The bowl in the background was made by Little G in art class. It's a lovely, colorful, lightweight bowl made from papier mache. The flower painted inside it makes me smile.

3. I hit an emotional wall today, about a week into this thing. But it was a little bitty wall, and I stepped over it rather than tripping over or smashing into it. I consider that a "win".

4. I spent a good portion of my morning watching tiny children chase each other around my classroom while their mothers chatted, ignoring the children. This irritates me.

5. The children then gave me hugs before they left. This helps make it better.

6. I am thoroughly enjoying blogging again. It may be a huge saving grace this year.

7. During any extended "away," I am like that poor dog in "Up" - SQUIRREL!!. My thoughts jump around like drops of oil on a hot skillet.

8. All yesterday I thought it was Tuesday. I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. By Friday, I'll assume it's time for summer vacation.

9. It's getting late, but....

10. This Orange Crush tastes really good.

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  1. This post makes me smile. Long aways are the worst, but letting the little things (like Orange Crush and hugs from kiddos) lift you up certainly makes a difference. Sending you some warm thoughts!