Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Karma :)

My friend Erica is an absolute riot.  I love her blog and I encourage you to read it if you need a good laugh.


This particular blog posting had me giggling like mad because we, too, have had some table-turning episodes.

Every military spouse knows to expect certain things to happen when the guys leave.  We'll get sick, kids will get sick, something (expensive or difficult) will break, a pet will have an illness or some horrid new habit that we're unable to break.  Murphy does love the military spouse.

Erica calls her "Murphina," for the record, since according to her "no guy has ever given me this much trouble".  I'm probably paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

So pardon us for loving it when our guys try to be "us" for a little bit.  And have a rough go of it.

Before we moved to Texas, it was decided that G would stay home with the girls that week and I would come here and visit with a friend while I looked at some houses our Realtor was showing us through email listings.  It sounded like a nice restful time for both of us.  Big G was healthy, doing well in school.  Little G's cough had finally died down and she seemed "all better".   Even the fish had been cured of its "ick".  (I swear, that's the name of the illness.)

All seemed fine.

During that week, Little G coughed so hard in the cafeteria line that she threw up.  She needed lung x-rays and blood samples.   She had walking pneumonia and mono.

The fish?   It was absolutely fine.  Until it wasn't...G just came down and the fish was doing the backstroke.

Meanwhile, when G was trying to regain his threads of sanity by doing a little lawn work, he managed to cut through the phone line to the house.

To this day, we laugh about it.  More than 5 years later, this memory still makes me smile.  Finally, he could really understand what happens as soon as those boots disappear from my view.  Finally, he could see.   :)  

For the record, since I knew little G was in good hands and was medicated well, I had an absolutely wonderful visit with some of my dearest friends.  And oh, how we laughed.

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