Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Ten

Today's Ten:

1.  It is so nice to meet someone new and have a grownup dinner with real food and a terrific atmosphere.  :)   I love new friendships.

2.  Tea is made, my sink clutter no longer takes over the whole bathroom vanity, and the sheets are changed.  TDY is nearly over, thank God!

3.  I feel terrible for whining about a TDY when there are deployments going on.  Then I remind myself "Gone is gone," try not to whine around anyone whose husband is deployed (and usually fail, unfortunately), and find a new pair of big girl panties.

4.  I totally scored at Office Max today.  The labels I needed were $43 for the big package , but the other style of label was only $19.  That seemed crazy to me.  I asked for some help, and the store staff member said he would mark the price down to $26, which would have been the normal price of the other style.  With my 50% off coupon, that would have been a HUGE bargain anyway.  Well, he gave me the 50% off before the coupon scanned, so I ended up spending a little over $9.   Total.  :)

5.  I also went to try to find a nice pair of black pumps.  If I had wanted to, I could have been well outfitted for a career as an exotic dancer, but found no pumps in my size.  Ugh.

6.  I did find an absolutely fabulous dress in my size.   :)

7.  After trying on 7 others.  I could do some damage in Ross, sometimes.  Usually I don't find anything, but on days when I do, I end up doing very well.

8.  I am really proud of my little G.  She had a horrendous/awful mess in her room and knew that I wouldn't drive her to buy fish for her fish tank until it was cleaned up.  She spent 2 hours cleaning it today and it looks FABULOUS.

9.   I won't even look in her closet.  Under her bed is clean, so I am thinking the closet is too big a risk.

10.  My stomach is full of good food, the house smells wonderful (scentsy, lol), and tomorrow promises to be terrific.  What else could a girl ask for?

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