Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Soar High

I wrote this last summer, when Big G had graduated and just before Little G headed to Middle School.  I know a lot of parents are dealing with some pretty heavy emotion-- happy and yet sad.  Even as we know it's true, the reality that our kids are supposed to break away from us can sting, and sometimes downright hurt.

First Steps

From the moment you were born
         You moved away from me.
First breath
First sleep
First smile
         And so began your life on your own.

Your first steps,
         Stumbling, halting
         Then running and soon
         You were finding your way.

First laugh, first words
         Your unique take on life
         Even then an individual
         Doing it your way.

First days of school
         Bright yellow bus
         Bright shining smile
         Learning so fast.

Then suddenly, we face the "lasts"
         Last concerts
         Last days of class
         Last days at home.

I don't know where the time went.
I hope we did what was right.
The next steps are yours,
And only yours.
First steps now turn to first flights--
Soar High.

   (Copyright 2011)

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