Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unexpected Travel

I'm not actually going anywhere.  However, last night I dreamt three separate times that I was headed on some sort of journey.  I called My G to let him know the plans and when I was leaving.  I packed.  And then I gave Little G great big hugs as I headed off.

Three separate times, I dreamt and then woke up.

I'm not a huge believer in the interpretation of dreams, but just in case God or my subconscious is trying to tell me something, I decided to write a little bit.  Especially in case it's one of the unexpected trips from which one doesn't return.

I've written before that life can turn on a dime.  I believe that, utterly.  Someone survives an injury and a surgery, only to face a medical error that ends his life.  Someone else should have died, but didn't.  In a book I read recently, a character referred to it as the Big Blackboard in the Sky-- when your name is on it, it's your time.  If your name isn't on it, it's simply not your time.  The thing is, we can't read the blackboard.  No medical prescription here on earth could possibly help us see the future, ours or someone else's.  So it's important to do what we can do.

Well, if I think about the dreams I had last night, they might have been telling me three things.

First-- Tell people.  In the first dream, I was on the phone and I was saying I'd be leaving soon.  I told him I'd be safe, that I'd be careful.  The most important part of the dream, though, was saying "I love you".

 Is there someone in my life whom I need to tell?  Is there someone in my life who needs to hear those words?  I think I have some cards and letters to send out.  Is there someone in your life?

Second-- Pack.  My second dream was all about packing.  And boy, it was a mess.  Dirty socks, disorganized papers, stuff I needed but couldn't find.  My Mom has always called those "frustration dreams" because you get nowhere fast.  I was trying and trying to get things together, but simply couldn't get organized.

Are my things in order?  Have I set up my life so it wouldn't be a total mess if I did have to "travel" unexpectedly?   I think it's time to sort through some important files and make sure it's not a disaster.  I do this most summers anyway; I'll just start it today.  Are your things in order?

Third-- Hug.  The third dream was the briefest and the sweetest.  It was all about hugging Little G, and then something woke me up.  I wish the dream had included hugs with Big G, My G, and other friends and family, but by its sweet simplicity it still reminded me of something.

Do I remember to hug people?  Do I remember to hold them close, when I can?  I wasn't always a hugger.  I used to think that that people would think I was weird, or that it would make them uncomfortable if I offered a hug, or asked for one.  Now I know the value of the physical, and sometimes a simple touch will go much deeper than the most eloquent of words.  Who do you need to hug?

Three dreams, three lessons.  I hope I'm not headed for any unexpected travel, but I hope if one day I am, I'll be ready.  I hope I'll have said the words, packed my things, and hugged them close.  Just in case.

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