Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day

Facebook is on fire with Mothers' Day posts...  Husbands helping kids make breakfast, sweet kid whispers "we told her we'd wait til 9", flowers and chocolates and acts of kindness.

My own gift was a 3-minute phone call that took him 15 minutes of hitting "send" over and over until he could get a connection.  Hearing "I just wanted to be sure to call you" made my day.

I talked to my Mom, I talked to his Mom, I talked to my Mom2 who has been as much a mother to me over the years as anyone has.  I got hugs, and hellos, and smiles, and a chocolate-covered strawberry from Culvers, which was amazing.

I've tried to focus on the day, but a part of my heart is thinking about other people this Mothers' Day.

There is the 90-year-old woman, sobbing over her own mother's grave.  50 years and the pain is still fresh for her.

There are the friends who hold their kids and families tighter, because they know what it is to bury a child.  And somehow, some way, pick up their lives and live again.

There is the mother whose child will never make her breakfast, and never make her a grandma-- but who loves her daughter enough to always look at the bright side.

There is the boy who graduates high school soon, and his sister, who wish for one more year to tell their own mother "Happy Mothers' Day".  I know the angels are holding her close, but we all miss her sass and spirit.

There are the single moms, some of whom are fighting for the best things for their children despite the difficult choices this requires.

There are those who always thought they'd have children by now, but don't.  They funnel their energies and love into four-legged children, or nephews, or the students and patients they reach every day.  To them I say, you are still mothers.  You give so much heart and soul and love to everyone you touch.

There are also the mothers, miles away from their children, who are forgotten.  I am an optimistic person, and I believe most of these children probably meant to call, or send a card, or they just don't realize how sweet it is to hear "I appreciate you," "I'm glad to call you my mother" on a day like this.  I know their hearts still ache.

So to all of these women and children, sons and daughters, I say "Happy Mothers' Day" to you, most of all, because I know the day can be difficult.  I hope tomorrow is brighter, and the pain fleeting.

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