Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

This is the first time I haven’t been able to hug my oldest on the first day of school. This is an important note because she has, more often than not, had a hard time with the first day of school. Confusion, teachers she didn’t like, boring classes, or “something” would happen.

This year, she lost her wallet.

She carries a small, pocket-sized wallet. However, she has very small pockets so apparently it slipped right out. She and I are still hoping that it’s in her car (she had to go to her next class right away so there was no time to look) or at her last class (see above) or even back at home, next to her parking spot. Maybe even on the ground next to her car in the parking garage.

At any rate, she may be going through some less-fun growing pains very soon. New license. New bank cards. And, may I add with no small amount of trepidation—new DOD ID card???


All while she is in one state and I’m in another. And it’s her battle to fight, anyway.

She did, however, send me a picture of her from her “first day”. Little bemused twitch to her smile and all. It’s made my day.

What was one of your first “growing up” hassles that you remember?

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