Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's 10

I really like this. It's a fun way to keep up with the blog, and take a few moments to just think right here, right now in this moment. Even thinking about dinner is "in the moment" while my stomach is growling.

1. My head hurts. Maybe it’s not enough sleep or god-knows-what but it can stop any time now. Kthxbye.

2. Starting off the morning to find out that the spirited talk radio that I’ve been listening to for the last month and a half has been replaced by “true oldies”, has not helped afore-mentioned headache.

3. Little G gets to see the orthodontist tomorrow. Yippee. She wants braces (??), I do not.

4. Freebirds sounds about perfect as a dinner idea.

5. I just realized I really have no idea if I spelled “kthxbye” correctly. Yes, it bothers me that I might be misspelling text/chat speak.

6. I am far more excited than I should be that it’s “America’s Got Talent” night.

7. This week, I get to see something few Americans ever get to see—heroes welcomed home. I cannot wait.

8. MUST remember my camera. Thank God my new phone has a good camera with flash, but there’s really no excuse for not taking my camera to this event!

9. I am so excited that I ordered new glasses last night and I can’t wait to get them…new frames and new prescription. 

10. I have “Lean On Me” running through my (aching) head. Both the Bill Withers version (with 23 “call me”s at the end) and the Club Nouveau version (with funky sounds). Not a bad accompaniment to my day.

So what’s your “ten” for today? Look around you—what is happening RIGHT NOW? I love to get comments.

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