Friday, April 6, 2012


What will you regret the most?

I am blessed with amazing friends, and one of them found that linked article.  When people know their time is short, they don't regret how much money they had or whether they had a great job...

They regret time.

Time they didn't spend with their families, time they didn't spend with their friends.  Time that wasn't spent taking that chance, saying the truth.

They regret not being true to themselves, or not being true to others.   They regret not following a dream, or not even trying.

So what will you do, starting today?

What truth will you tell, even to yourself?   What dream will you try, even if it's researching college, or publishing, or planting something in the yard that's just for you?   What friend will you call, or write, or remember in some small way?

Who will you help, because you can?

Who will you hug, just a little bit tighter?

I love to get comments, and I would love for you to share this blog (or any of my posts) with someone today.  Thank you.

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