Friday, April 13, 2012

When Murphy Comes to Visit

Some weeks just stink.  Kid's sick, or you're sick...  Something breaks.  Customer service, isn't.  Weeds grow faster than you can chop them down and sometimes the bad mood makes everything even darker than it is.

I don't like Murphy, or as my friend calls this paragon of pisstivity-- Murphina.   Life becomes more difficult, and he shows up when you're least likely to be able to handle things.

Here's a secret.  Murphy, and his counterpart Murphina, are cowards.

Lily-livered, yellow-bellied cowards.

Want to know how I know that?

Because I fight back.

Yard guy quits?  Suddenly, and without notice?   Find a new one.  Quickly.   You'd be surprised what niceness comes out in people when they realize you've been stranded and you nicely ask for help.  Spend the rest of your angry energy pulling up weeds so they don't grow back after the next mow.

An order comes in for someone and it's missing stuff?  And late?   Be as polite as you possibly can, but firm.  Get things straightened out.  Then raise a mental middle finger in Murphy's direction.

Turn signal goes wonky?  It might not be a wiring failure.  It might just need a $6 bulb replacement.  And you will feel TERRIFIC when it works.

For every little irritation, black cloud, big mess and utter failure, we can find the strength within us to fight back.  And every time we do, Murphina loses her power over us.  There will always be bad days.  Sometimes bad weeks.  But humor, friendship, and chocolate go a long way to helping us keep our perspective and the emotional strength we need.

This only looks like chocolate.
In reality, it is a secret weapon.

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