Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Ten: Pet Peeves

I've often thought about having an entire blog centered JUST around pet peeves.  People could post pictures, share thoughts, and overall make themselves feel better just by seeing the "omg me too" clicks.

Hmmm...Maybe there is already such a blog.

Just in case there isn't, here we go with this week's Ten.

1.  Lose/loose, allowed/aloud, our/are...  Only one of these is even a homophone, people.

2.  People who come up so close they practically kiss my bumper at a stoplight.  Just your luck my car won't start and you'll be stuck.  Bwahahaha...

3.  Blue headlights.  Really?  You need to blind me to look cooler?

4.  People who say one thing and then do completely the opposite.  "Oh, I'll be so supportive and this is the right thing...let me make this impossible for you to do."

5. My own procrastination.  It's awful.

6.  Babies or toddlers at anything but an animated KIDS' movie.  Double that if they are not quiet or they're allowed out of their seats.  If they aren't old enough to sit still, don't take them.  Let them run around at your house, when it's not affecting others' time/money/enjoyment.

7.  'Who' vs 'That'.   People are always "who".  Saying "People that..." drives me nuts.

8.  Inseams for petite pants are creeping longer and longer...how is a 30" inseam "short" or "petite"??   Even in boots my legs aren't going to be that long.

9.  Not knowing what to say when someone is hurting.  This at-a-loss thing makes my heart ache.

10.  After doing some Googling today...pet peeve lists.  This stirring bit of negativity made me feel a little bit better, but not a whole lot.  I think I'll go clean something and then have a chocolate bar.  :)

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  1. Love these. Especially #6. As a mom of 4 little kids, I understand that it can be hard and expensive to get sitters, but do it anyway, or don't go out. I teach my kids that going to movies, restaurants, etc. is a PRIVELIGE, not a right, and I will not inflict noisy, busy kids on other paying patrons. You wanna let your kids do whatever, take them to Chuck E Cheese with the other banshees. My kids know if we go out, they're expected to be quiet and respectful and use good manners. If they can't do that, they can't come. Period.