Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's 10: Short People

I call my youngest "Little G" because she's the youngest, but she's also the one who is built most like her mother.

We are...petite.

Okay, fine.  I'm short.  Proportionate, not round, just short.

I know there are a lot of people like us out there, so the following "10" is for us.  Tall people just won't get it.  :)

Tuesday's 10: Things That Make a Short Person Happy

1.  When I stand on the new couch to reach something, it doesn't sag under my feet.

2.  A really good stepladder is a cherished belonging.

3.  Tall shelves are for putting things I never intend to use again.

4.  The bottom shelf is for climbing.

5.  I love to watch people have to duck when going past tree branches.

6.  A good stick is a valuable tool.  Creative problem-solving = fetching the yardstick and using it to turn on a high switch.  Or pulling something down.

7.  Taller people coming along at just the perfect time when it's obvious I can't reach that item that is needlessly placed on the top shelf.

8.  Libraries and bookstores with adequate step stools.

9.  Cars with seats that adjust enough.

10.  People who understand that "short" is different from "small" or even "little".  Somehow small and little have always seemed to denote a lack of strength and presence. "Small" could even be used to describe a character flaw, i.e. "small-minded".

This song should bring back some memories.  Or show my age...  Either is okay.

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  1. lol, love this!!! I joke with J that the reason I married him was because he was tall and could reach stuff for me!