Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Ten: WANT To-Do

I'm a list maker.  That's why the Tuesday blog is fun for me, because I think in bullets and in lists and line-by-line anyway.

Hmm...I hope it's fun for you, too.  Anyway.

I am always making to-do lists.  Errands to run, places to go, things to look up next time the laptop is powered on, items to clean...  Things that, in all reality, MUST get done.  It's part of running a house and having kids and really, just living.

But what about those things I want to do?  Where is the list for that?

Things I WANT to do:

1.  Make some cards.  I got all the paper cut and prepped yesterday for some freehand simple card making.  Now to put them together and actually make (and mail) the cards.

2.  Go for a walk. It is a really nice day out today and I will kick myself later this summer if I have not fully enjoyed the spring.

3.  Have a bowl of peanut M&Ms.  

4.  Write.  I have a story idea that has been kicking in my head for years now, and I have a friend who is helping me stay accountable and get some writing goals set for this next year.  Getting started is the hard part.

5.  Get the photos off the camera and see if Mama bird and her babies look as awesome as I think they do.  I love My G's camera.

6.  Go for a drive.  No particular destination, just drive for a while and enjoy the gorgeous day.

7.  Send a random note to someone who could use it.

8.  Learn to bake bread.  I have a good recipe and good instructions...I just haven't tried it.

9.  Go roller-skating.  Even if Little G doesn't go with me this weekend, I may go anyway.  I'm not particularly good but I love to skate.

10. Go see a movie.  I try to go when the theater isn't going to be packed, but I LOVE the whole theater experience.  There's nothing like it at home, even when the couch is comfy and the sound is good.

So what is your list?  What do you WANT to do? And what, really, is stopping you from doing at least one item on your list?   Even if it's something that takes help (like redoing a bathroom), baby steps towards that goal can give you the feeling that you are moving forward and taking care of yourself.


  1. I stopped making lists. The to do ones just put too much stress on me. As far as things I would like to do..I just do something I want to do everyday, weather its sitting outside and enjoying the sun or watching a show or whatever. I always feel that everyone should take a lil time out of their day for themselves even if the kiddo has to tag along or you have to wait for their nap,lol. There is always a way and a lil time one just has to work it in.

  2. I make lists so I don't forget things; otherwise I'd never get anything done. :) My brain is constantly "dropping" important things that need to get done. That being said, I totally and fervently agree with you-- we need to make time to do those things we WANT to do. Even five minutes enjoying the breeze can make a huge difference!

    Thanks for commenting!