Friday, March 30, 2012

And Then There Came Hope

My last post, The Real Cost of War, fortunately doesn't tell the whole story.  I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl, and even in the midst of tremendous grief I try to find a rainbow.  I've heard this described as "hunting the good stuff" and I like that analogy.  Sometimes you have to be a regular CSI and use a microscope to find it, but the good stuff will be there.

So here are some signs of hope--

Resilience-- There are some who, with help, really do come back.  My friend's brother-in-law, who first told me about PTSD?  He is one of these.  He spent years with the Paralyzed Vets of America, helping other vets like himself find answers and hope.

Inspiration to Others-- Our friend, Staff Sgt Joe Beimfohr, was a recruiter when we met him.  In 2009, he was gravely wounded in Iraq.  Ulimately, his wounds left him a double amputee, but his story does not end there in the hospital room.  Failure is Not an Option-- This link is another one that I found but I especially like it because it shows other stories from the veterans themselves.  This sums it up bit by bit.

Helping the Youngest-- Programs that help children cope with deployment and feel better equipped to handle their Soldier's absence can be helpful, and fun, ways to make sure we don't forget how deployments can affect them as well.   Video from last year's Mock Deployment shows the attention to detail in this program.  There are also special camps available for children who have recently dealt with a deployment.

So there is hope.  Always, there is hope.

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