Thursday, March 15, 2012

Middle Aged? I think NOT.

Several people made comments about me being "middle aged" after this birthday.  Like I am somehow magically "halfway finished" with this life.  


Too much to do, and anyway the "second half" isn't guaranteed so why would I act like it's all downhill from here?

Then I read this bit of loveliness, from an older gent who takes a test drive around Houston's Loop 610 to make sure he's still okay to drive.  He's 90.  I've been on that road, and it's NOT fun, but if he's testing himself on reaction time and eyesight and hearing-- I think he's probably okay to keep going.

I had to write to him.  I don't want to be "halfway through" this life (or worse, more than halfway through!) and I hope I'm just like him as I grow up.  Hale, hearty, and interested in all life has to offer.


I found your article about the 610 loop driving test via a blog I read called "Free Range Parenting" and I wanted to comment briefly.

I hope I can be like you "when I grow up".  Yours is the example I hope to follow, about age and interests and well being in later years.

I turned 40 this year, and I was asked asked me how it felt to be "middle aged".  I informed her, jokingly, that I intend to live until I'm 115 so "I'm not there yet".  She asked me why I'd even want to live that long.  I thought it was sad that she had to ask-- there is so much out there that I haven't enjoyed yet, and so much I want to keep enjoying.

Your driving test sounds like one of those things.  I admire you, and I hope you do well on your test, whether it's in your country truck or some other vehicle.

Thank you--

When I drove this, it was the day before Thanksgiving. Shudder...

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