Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Ten: Signs of Spring

Spring is my second-favorite season, and rapidly closing in on Fall for that special spot of love in my heart.  When we lived in Kansas, I loved to see the forsythia burst golden, almost overnight.  In Colorado, the teeny little grape hyacinths and the happy nodding daffodils were my favorites.

I grew up in Arizona, where spring is hard to find sometimes.  You have to look closely and you have to pay attention to the small things.  The cactus may look greener, there may be wildflowers here and there if the monsoons were plentiful enough, and the corner palo verde tree may be awash in yellow pollen.

So here are ten signs that spring is here (early) in Texas:

1.  There are bluebonnets along many roadsides.

2.  The redbud trees are vibrant and pink.

3.  You hear sneezing nearly everywhere you go.  (bless you)

4.  The once-quiet streets are filled with a buzzing sound as everyone finally gives and mows down that first crop of weedy grass.

5.  The rain isn't quiet so cold (when it comes).

6.  Lowes' parking lot is not navigable on a Saturday.

7.  Tractor Supply Store has a sign proclaiming "Chick Season!"

8.  The candy aisle is packed with pastels.

9.  There are birds building in our wall ornament beside the front door.

10. Suddenly the playgrounds are full again, and the sound fills my heart.

What are your signs?


  1. I saw the first sign of spring in my town a couple of weeks ago. There is a strip club in my town and there is a guy that stands in front of it with a giant cross (rumor is his daughter was a stripper there and was murdered). He isn't usually there in the winter so when I saw him there a couple of weeks ago I knew that spring was here.

  2. Not your typical sign of spring-- sounds heartbreaking.