Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deployment Brain

I don't know about anyone else, but I like to be organized.  I have (too) many calendar apps, reminder apps, and a paper calendar that hangs in the kitchen.   I also have a weekly planner calendar white board that keeps me on track for meals and that week's appointments.

Hence, forgetting an appointment is embarrassing.  Thinking that a meeting is one day when it's really another, also embarrassing but thankfully salvageable if checked in time. I tend to be on the ditzy side sometimes, but the biggest time I forget things is when my brain is just...full.

Full of school.  My G likes to share the story of the taco meat I browned during finals week.  He came into the kitchen to find a little Mt. Etna of seasoning piled onto the rapidly-cooling meat, but no Casey.  I'd emptied the packet, and seemingly wandered off to do something else.

Full of children.  Many moms know what I mean.  Your head gets full of kid stuff, especially if they're sick or going through something stressful/big/momentous/weepy.  All sorts of other things get sort of muddled in there and we lose track.

And...full of the deployment.  I think I've reached the point in this one where I am thinking "oh my gosh, will it ever end?"  That usually happens after about 6-8 weeks, and it goes away and life goes on.  But that period of forgetfulness, of stress, of "am I completely losing my mind" frustration-- sigh, it takes some serious patience.

Patience with ourselves, that is.  I'm trying to tell myself the things I would tell anyone who is a little frazzled.

Self-care, stay hydrated, eat well and regularly, go for a walk.

You know what?  Those tips work pretty well.  In the meantime, I sure appreciate those around me who have been through this period of "duh" before, and made it out.  I appreciate the laughter as people share their own stories.  And I know eventually, I'll be back on track.

P.S. Does anyone else go through periods of intense "duh" when you're normally pretty focused?   Tell me your funniest stories.  :)

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