Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Ten: Moments of Grace

Over the last two weeks, there have been some remarkable moments of grace that have helped make this deployment skitter along a little faster, a little smoother.  There is a lot out there (even on my own blog) about what not to say, what not to do, what makes it difficult, etc...  But here are some little shining moments.

1. The retired Navy couple at Baskin Robbins:  They'd both been in the Navy until full retirement, and had alternated shore duty with being on the ship.  Both of them knew what it was to be away, and both of them knew what it was to be home with the kids.  They asked me to send along a "thank you" to My G, and they thanked me as well.

2.  The promotion ceremony I went to last week: The traditions and patriotism of military honors do well to remind us why we fight, why we stand behind our military.  Duty. Honor. Country. They're not just words.

3.  My friend, the first "best friend" I had so very long ago:  She is in training for a brutal-sounding event that raises money for Wounded Warriors. I didn't realize until today that the event was designed to be a fundraiser.  What touches me most is that I know people who are not seemingly connected to the military, but who want to do what they can to help.

4.  The Hug Lady:  She's been to every homecoming that Fort Hood has, and she hugs each Soldier who comes through.  She's the first one to hug our husbands, fathers, daughters, mothers as they return.  I got to see her in person at the promotion ceremony the other day, and her small stature belies her great strength and commitment.   Grown men, weary and hardened by battle, grow misty-eyed when they talk about her.

5.  A Department of the Army civilian, standing behind me in line to congratulate our newest General Officer:  He simply said he looks forward to the day when our team gets their hugs, too.

6.  The lady at the gardening center:  When My G is away, I try to "keep things up".  I know I'm not going to do as good a job as he does on the yard, but I want to keep the weeds away and keep the yard looking like someone cares.  She helped me figure out what products to use, and she gave me a free product that would help.  Just because.  The fact that she acted out of kindness for my obvious confusion without making a big deal out of it, was what made the difference.

7.  A new friend:  Simply saying "oh, yes, I've done that too" when I confess to not only missing a previous meeting but writing down the wrong date for an upcoming one.  I guess she figured I had probably kicked myself enough times and didn't need to rub salt in it by asking "Are you losing your mind?"

8.  The person I was supposed to meet:  If I hadn't mentioned that I could have sworn we'd scheduled a meeting but couldn't find it anywhere in my notes, he wouldn't have said a word.  Instead, he called later and arranged for another date.  Grace.

9.  Technology:  I fully realize how blessed I am that I can virtually chat with my husband on a regular basis, occasionally even see his face, and hear his voice like he's right here with me.  I am blessed beyond measure.

10.  A Soldier, wounded beyond words, learning to walk again:  He's home to see his daughter's birth, home to hold her and her Mama.  Even as the rest of his unit begins to arrive home, he continues to fight because for him, this battle is not over.  But he's home, and sometimes that's all the grace we can hope for.

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